Infotainment systems for every application


Municipalities and public institutions:

• general information for citizens, visitors, guests and tourists in the
entrance of the town hall or in the waiting area, eg in the citizen
• information on new legislation

• information on opening times, admission fees, special events and attractions

• offers of the company's bistros, cafes and restaurants


Our biggest clientele is mainly council offices but also various public organisations such as hotels, leisure facilities, museums and sports clubs benefit from our sophisticated information system.

Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies:

• general information on vaccinations, allergies, IGEL services
• references to general and specific provisions (eg cancer screening)
• display of the pharmacy emergency service plan

Hotels & inns:

• information on Activities in the Area
• spa deals
• offers in-house catering

*Note: Special terms and conditions (AGB's) for "Digital Signage"